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Current year: 1859

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NLGIS Datasets

NLGIS Datasets

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Note: allowed extensions are .xls, .xlsx and .csv

You can upload datafiles in long format and wide format.
For long format, use:
year, amsterdam_code
1811, 11150
1811, 11150
1812, 11150

For wide format, use:
year, amsterdam_code, value
1811, amsterdam_code, 2
1812, amsterdam_code, 1

After uploading your data, you'll be directed to the 'Custom data' tab, but it may take several minutes before your upload shows up. This time lag depends amongst others on file size and upload speed. You're uploaded data do NOT become publicly available. However your map is. Maps will automatically be removed after some time, but you can also use the flush button to remove it yourself.

Rotate mouse wheel forward to "zoom in" the map, backward to "zoom out" or click on the location.